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Don’t reinvent the wheel … MAYBE drive somewhere new!

Not every home is a blank slate. And that can be a good thing! It means we don’t always have to start from scratch and tear the structure down to the studs. This can 1) highlight and maximize the potential-filled elements that already exist and 2) make your investment go further. While it’s fun to…

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SMART TECHNOLOGY IN THE HOME: Explore the possibilities . . .

Technology is changing fast, both outside and inside the home. With a plethora of possibilities, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Plus if you’ve lived in your home for a…

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Design for downsizing: Taking the items you love.

Many of our clients are downsizing … moving into smaller homes and embracing a fresh start! This is a fun, scary-exciting and emotional time, for sure. During this process, the…

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remodeled bathroom

Bathroom Redo Infuses Calming Vibe

When you think of tranquility, do you get visions of relaxing in the warm sun on a beautiful beach? That’s the design scheme we set out to create in another…

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Lighting – The Magical Design Element!

Featured photo by ASIA CULTURECENTER on Unsplash When it’s the time of year where the shorter days of the upcoming winter bring about fewer daylight hours, it is no surprise…

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