Peace and harmony with design in 2024!  

One thing you might realize if you’re in a relationship for a long time is that this person is different from you. As wonderful as they are, and as good as you are at communicating, your partner is a separate human with separate opinions and ideas — good, bad or indifferent. Sometimes this will amaze you! 😁

Most of us figure out how to navigate these differences. And in daily life, it becomes pretty doable. You just buy different coffee creamers, let them wear their worn out sweater and do their quirky things, and get on with it. Usually a giant exhale does the trick. In some situations, you can’t both win — and that’s where 1) the beautiful art of compromise comes in, 2) you get what you want, or 3) you just eat their favorite food for dinner, again!

But those are the little things. 

Big things — like redesigning your space — necessitate a little more intentionality. Because a family home’s job is truly to make everyone feel welcome, happy, safe and comfortable.

For the past twenty plus years, we’ve been making our clients — and their whole families — happy with our interior design services and partnership. How? Well, we’ve crafted our own method of getting everyone’s voices heard, and everyone’s goals and visions aligned. 

Our approach for success at Karen Lee Johnson Interiors? 

Start separate — come together!

Sometimes during a redesign, one partner might say to the other, “Whatever you want, dear!” Then, once the process moves along, that partner who gave carte blanche to the other starts to have opinions. This can be frustrating for both partners. 

This is nobody’s fault, really; it’s just not anticipating the reality that changing a living space affects everyone, and that everyone — even the most easygoing of us — have some preferences and desires.

Taking a bit of time to get on the same page up front doesn’t just benefit your partnership … it makes for a more successful design outcome that you both can truly enjoy. (It’s like customizing the perfect coffee creamer that’s better than anything on the supermarket shelves and delights both of your tastebuds.) 

Ultimately, when each individual takes a few moments to think about their goals, likes and dislikes at the beginning of a design project, it can make a huge difference in the outcome and the harmony of the process along the way! Our clients are pleasantly surprised — if not a bit shocked — at what’s possible. 

But how do my partner and I get on the same page at the start?

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we’ve got the answer!

This free report provides the questions — and the whys, hows and wheres — to implement a hugely-successful renovation project that your entire family can enjoy. It’s all spelled out right here, in this interactive PDF guide.

If you have children in the home, they can fill it out, too!

And if you need an interior design partner to support you at every step, we’d love to help. Why not book a call and we’ll talk about it!

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hi, I’m Karen!

I’m the Founder/Creative Director of Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, a residential design firm working with clients seeking a professional, innovative and collaborative approach to design. We partner with you to creatively and meticulously translate your dreams and visions into reality. Learn more about our services or book a call to tell us about your project!

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