Custom Artwork: A luxury or a necessity?

Unique artistic creations can really speak to our emotions. They can make us feel something. This is why it’s so special to have art in your home — so it can be enjoyed by you, and whoever enters your space. Art is truly a gift!

Whether it’s the custom painting our founder Karen purchased in France (above), something you find at an art show or an estate sale, a sculpture that moves you, or a piece of art made by your child — the right piece of artwork, one that speaks to your heart, can play a stunning and necessary role in your home’s interior design.

Art plays a wonderful and valuable role in interiors. Custom art:

  • Speaks volumes about you. Art is a choice you make — and it personalizes your space like nothing else. The minute a visitor sees the art you’ve chosen, they get a sense of you and your likes; they get to know you better!
  • Is never stagnant. One of the things we love most about art is that it has life to it. You might see or feel something from a piece of art one day, and then the next, have a different interpretation or new appreciation. Your experience, and your viewer’s experience, can change each time the piece is viewed.
  • Is an original — just like you! When your art is a one-of-a-kind piece, nobody else will have it. It becomes part of your personal story and style — and it adds something that no well-chosen curtain, rug or paint color can. 
  • Will bring you joy and satisfaction. When the artwork in your space is something that appeals to you, or means something to you, it will bring daily contentment. 

A recent client had a number of framed purses that she loved, displayed around her house. During the redesign of her new space, we placed these items together, like a collection. The difference was drastic! Intentional placement brought a fresh perspective and heightened impact; our client loved her pieces of art more than ever!

Here are a few tips for incorporating artwork in your home:

  • Choose new art early in the design process. Though good art will stand strong in any space, artwork — when selected early — can inspire a space and its interior design concept. At KLJI, a client’s artwork often informs the colors, textures and patterns that make the space a success. 
  • Handle with care and intention. From valuable collectors pieces to a child’s kindergarten creation, all art must be handled with care, based on what you see and feel around those pieces. An important part of interior design is creating the best setting to showcase the art, so that the room enhances the piece, and helps it communicate. The proper lighting, placement and positioning can make your artwork shine. 
  • Find art that speaks to you. Art can be so many things: painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography — contemporary, pop art, fine art, oils, watercolors, metal, wood. The type and medium don’t matter as much as this: that it speaks to you! Of course, as interior design experts, we can pick the art for you, but due to its personal nature, we believe that art takes on an immeasurable power when it’s selected by you.

At KLJI, artwork plays an important role in our interior design process.

Have art you love? We can’t wait to see it during the initial stages of our collaboration. Don’t have any custom artwork yet? At KLJI, we can help you define your style, and direct you to artists and art resources based on your tastes and budget — so we can bring your interior to life in the most unique and personal way possible.

So, is artwork a luxury or a necessity? 

We say it’s a (sometimes luxurious) necessity! 

Artwork can be viewed as luxurious, but no more than a car is luxurious. We need cars to get from place to place, and we need art. Plus, there’s an added bonus! Unlike most cars, artwork can also be an investment.

Want to create or redesign a space that’s as unique as you are? We can help.

What’s your vision? Whether you’re an avid collector, have a few pieces that you enjoy, or you’re an art newbie, we can help you create a space you love — made even better by art you love!

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we can help you artfully create the space of your dreams. Why not book a call and we’ll talk about it! 

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Hi, I’m Karen!

I’m the Founder/Creative Director of Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, a residential design firm working with clients seeking a professional, innovative and collaborative approach to design. We partner with you to creatively and meticulously translate your dreams and visions into reality. Learn more about our services or book a call to tell us about your project!

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