Master Bedroom Design Checklist: 8 Considerations to Enhance your Life.

A sanctuary. A haven. A calming, peaceful place for you to restore and recharge. Is that how your bedroom feels to you? If not, snuggle up with the possibilities here.

Your bedroom offers a myriad of design opportunities … Are you embracing them all? At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we believe you deserve a space that enhances your life — and it can! — when you give some extra love and attention to these areas.

When designing for a new or remodeled master bedroom suite for clients, we consider these 8 impactful areas:

  1. A mattress that your body will thank you for. Your bed is the place where your body revitalizes and empowers every single function in your body. One third of your life is spent in your bed! Our advice? Treat your mattress as if your quality-of-life depends on it — because it does! The quality of your mattress equates to the quality of your sleep, and sleep is more valuable than gold in our book. Explore what’s available in the luxury mattress sector — and always try them out first. It’s worth it.
  1. Intentional lighting. Well-considered lighting within your bedroom can give you the perfect ambience for everything you’ll do in your room — whether it’s morning yoga, reading, an afternoon nap, or the big show: your nightly trip to dreamland. You can light particular areas of your bedroom for specific tasks and moods, and this can make a huge impact on the quality of your life and the enjoyment of your space, while also supporting your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Consider a recessed, overhead light for reading at night — which provides the perfect amount of light without waking a partner. During winter months, ensure you have enough light when natural daylight may be sparse. And don’t forget the vast possibilities of window treatments!
  1. More storage for less clutter. A clutter-free environment is the most relaxing kind. And guess what? Sometimes the pathway to a clutter-free room requires adding some storage for the things you need and use (at least until Rosey from the Jetsons is available to the mass market). Bedrooms can serve as multipurpose space — and most of us don’t allow the storage for the items we need. Do you need housing for activities other than sleep? Reading? Working? Exercising? A place to put away your electronic devices? Appropriate storage for clothes, shoes and jewelry? At KLJI, we know that when everything has a place, things are far less-likely to end up on a chair, a treadmill, or on the floor. Storage directly supports a relaxing environment that enhances your life! 
  1. Linens that make you say, “Ahhhh,” and then “Zzzzz.” Back to that dreamy place you (hopefully) spend about 8 hours a day — the bed! One cannot sleep on a high-quality mattress alone. What else will adorn this precious space? Hopefully some excellent, breathable sheets made of natural fibers like cotton or bamboo. Hopefully a great pillow that cradles your neck and helps you achieve the ideal sleeping position. And hopefully a blanket or comforter that keeps you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. At KLJI, we think it’s easiest to have an “inside layer” of linens which is functional, and an “outside layer” of linens which is decorative. The inside layer should be the most durable, since it will be washed most frequently, and the outside layer should look lovely, in a way that brings you contentment.
  1. Electronics that are integrated with relaxation in mind. Whether you like a TV in the bedroom, a sound system, smart blinds or other home automation elements, design can be used to ensure these pieces of modern convenience can be added in a way that still protects our sleep, as well as the overall mood of the room. Let’s ensure your electronics enhance your life, rather than add a feeling of overwhelm with exposed wires and perpetually-visible lighted screens. 
  1. A soft rug to welcome your feet, first thing in the morning. When your feet meet a soft, squishy rug in the morning, it’s like a warm hug for your feet. And who doesn’t want to start the day with a warm hug? Even clients who prefer hardwood floors often enjoy an area rug under their tootsies, that their toes can squish into when they step out of bed. Something as simple as a rug with the right cushioning and pile can add daily joy.
  1. Cozy considerations for pets. Whether you prefer to have your pets in bed with you, or for them to have their own little nook within your bedroom, considering their comfort (while also being mindful of function) will enhance your life and theirs! 
  1. Aesthetic elements that support your desired feeling. Many of our clients like restful, relaxing colors. Some folks enjoy a bit of drama in their bedroom’s aesthetics. The visual finishes should work hand-in-hand with the functional areas of the space. Perhaps a bedroom with a north-side orientation needs a lighter color palette due to a smaller amount of bright daylight coming into the space so it doesn’t feel cold. Or a bedroom with high ceilings needs a darker color palette to provide a warmer, more intimate setting. At KLJI, we use colors, patterns, and textures to create a room that is visually-pleasing to your eye, and helps you rest and recharge so you can bring the best you to each day!

At KLJI, we don’t (just) design bedrooms for publication — we design them for YOU.

A bedroom that looks beautiful is important — but will it also feel beautiful? Will it function beautifully? When it comes to bedroom design, someone else’s idea of luxury may not be your cup of tea. Our design process is curated to put your tastes and your life at the forefront, and that achieves the kind of beauty that trumps anything you’ll see in a magazine.

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we can help you create the bedroom of your dreams. Why not book a call and we’ll talk about it!

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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