Window Treatments: The icing on the cake!

Windows likely aren’t the first place your mind goes when designing a home. (Like when you bake a cake, you probably don’t think about frosting first.) But that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Windows deserve special attention, and like frosting, they can take your room from good to incredible.

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we believe that window treatments are like the frosting — the finishing touch. Whether your style is simple or ornate — your windows deserve attention and adornment. They deserve to be treated! With so many options for color, style and function, window treatments can truly enhance your view of your home — and your view of the outside world!

Here are some ways window treatments are capable of more than meets the eye:

  1. Managing and harnessing the light. Based on how much, or how little light your room gets, window treatments can help you enjoy the desired amount of daylight. If you have bright sun streaming through your windows at a certain time of day, the right solution can neutralize the intensity without shutting it out altogether.
  2. Framing the view. A big window with a beautiful view can become an even more show-stopping centerpiece when it is “framed” with beautiful, cascading drapery panels for texture.
  3. Controlling the temperature (and reducing utility bills). Is the hot sun beating against your windows all day? Solar shades and UV-blocking film can cut utility costs drastically.
  4. Providing acoustic support. In a large, echo-filled room — caused by walls, flooring hard surfaces — window treatments can be designed to absorb distracting sound.
  5. Embellishing the room through color, pattern, texture, movement or balance. Increased warmth, depth, harmony, beauty or drama are all possibilities with the right window treatments. Using window treatments to create a feeling is one of our favorite things to do.
  6. Protecting furnishings. As lovely as sunshine is, we don’t want it to damage your flooring, furnishings and finishes. Strategically-chosen treatments can protect your possessions from harmful rays while elevating your room’s majesty.
  7. Creating privacy! This important function can be met with beauty and unique style.
  8. Adjusting to different times of day and night. A window treatment often needs to function differently at different hours of the day, in order to provide the most benefit to your space and your life. Your window treatments can even work for you — with the touch of a button — and adjust to your preferences automatically.

At KLJI, we enhance your view of the world — from the inside out!

Windows can serve as architectural focal-points, and increase natural light. Some windows even showcase a fabulous view. A great architect will build from the outside in — taking daylight-orientation, view and architectural elements into consideration. Meanwhile, a great interior designer will design from the inside out! At KLJI, we utilize window treatments to maximize function and aesthetics!

Window treatments — options galore!

Roller shades, solar shades, panels, draperies, shutters, blinds, valances … the list goes on! There are so many options for types of window treatments. Then, with a myriad of fabrics and colors, there are even more ways to personalize. That’s not even considering rods, hardware, and finials, crystals and metals! In the wide world of window treatments, you can certainly find the function and the decorative-touch to suit your home, lifestyle and needs.

The difference is dramatic.

Have you ever been in a room without window treatments — and then a room with window treatments? The difference can be like night and day. Sometimes, you can’t really tell you’re missing something until you have it. These before and after photos will give you some insight into the power of window treatments.

Window Before

Window After

Window Before

Window After

Each room — and each client — has unique needs.

Whether your style is detailed or dainty, simple or spectacular — a good window treatment is always intentional. We approach every project with attention to your life, your needs and your style.

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we will help you navigate the plethora of options, and work with you to find the perfect “icing” for your space! Ready to treat yourself — and your windows — to a more beautiful view? Why not book a call and we’ll talk about it!

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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