Kitchen cabinets: More than just looking good.

When you think about new kitchen cabinets, your mind likely goes to the exciting aesthetic possibilities — style and color. Those things are fun, inspiring and important, but if you want a kitchen that truly makes you happy, don’t forget to consider the functional possibilities that can improve your life. The function is where the magic is!

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, we know that kitchen cabinets can provide so much more than color and style. They can provide function that truly makes your life better and more enjoyable.

Can you envision the possibilities?

If a kitchen already exists, it’s hard not to view kitchen cabinets in terms of what is there now — a silverware drawer here, a plate cabinet there, a lazy susan there. It can be hard to see things from a fresh perspective based on what would actually work best. Even if your kitchen is a blank slate, it can still be challenging to imagine what could be, because you might only be able to picture what a kitchen has been in the past. At KLJI, we are passionate about showing each client the functional possibilities of their space, based on their life. Combining that with color and style is what makes for the most fulfilling interior design outcomes.

Homeowners find us all the time and say things like, “My previous interior designer focused solely on aesthetics, and didn’t give much (or any) thought to how we would use the space” — and unsurprisingly, this resulted in a space that felt challenging to live in. About the resulting space (which they hired us to redesign), clients said things like:

  • This space looks pretty — but it doesn’t work for our life
  • I wish I had done this instead
  • I didn’t realize there were any other possibilities

At KLJI, we know that your home should make living easier, not harder! Our process is designed to ensure clients say things like:

  • I’m so glad I did this
  • This works so well.
  • I didn’t know what I was missing. 

How does this happen? Because when it comes to kitchen cabinet space and organization — or any design project at all — we make sure you utilize your opportunities. Selecting the best kitchen cabinets starts with YOU, your preferences and your life.

Photo Courtesy of Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry

Want the best kitchen cabinets for your life? Start by asking these questions:

  1. How will you use the kitchen? For cooking, baking, entertaining, or all?
  2. What didn’t work in previous kitchens? What did work?
  3. Will there be several cooks working in your kitchen at the same time?
  4. Do you regularly make coffee, smoothies, wine or cocktails? (Maybe a special smoothie, coffee, or bar area will enhance your life.)
  5. Do you bake often? Or make multi-course meals? (Maybe a “back office” kitchen is right for you.)
  6. Do you have a collection of spices, cooking oils, or unique ingredients that might need special storage?
  7. Would you like an area for fresh herbs to grow and be usable for cooking?
  8. Do you want small appliances to be visible on the countertop — or hidden away?
  9. Are there large appliances that you would prefer to be integrated in the cabinetry?
  10. What items do you use everyday? What items would you like to use if they were accessible?
  11. Do you want some of your collections visible? A special crystal collection? Or a collection of LeCreuset that you’d use more if it were accessible?
  12. Do you need storage for jars, or dark storage?

Today’s cabinets come with so many options. Why not make them work for you? By diving deep, and planning things out up-front, you can have style, color, and function that makes your kitchen a dream come true.

Kitchen cabinets can do so much more than look pretty; they can enhance your life!

At Karen Lee Johnson Interiors, our design projects always start with the most important part — you! When it comes to kitchen cabinets, a full kitchen remodel or the interiors for your entire home, we use our process, expertise and insight to enhance your life. Why not book a call and we’ll talk about it!

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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