Bathroom Redo Infuses Calming Vibe

When you think of tranquility, do you get visions of relaxing in the warm sun on a beautiful beach? That’s the design scheme we set out to create in another recently completed bathroom remodeling project. Our clients wanted an update to their Guest Bath, one that would not only suit their guests’ needs, but also provide another space in their home that evoked a refreshing and pleasurable retreat.

Bathroom Before

bathroom before

Since this was not their Master Bath, the clients were also interested in keeping the renovation budget to a minimum. So the focus was on keeping the existing space footprint and utilizing new finishes and a new fresh color palette that exuded that “beachy” sense of tranquility.

Gone is the dated honey oak vanity cabinet with laminate countertop, polished brass light sconce, beige tub/shower enclosure with sliding door, and worn wood-clad ceiling soffit – now, all modernistically replaced with:

  • A pale seafoam green vanity cabinet with a sparkling white quartz countertop; cool silver finishes on the hardware, framed mirror, and linear light sconces; all of which exude a serene classic styling
  • Glazed sky-blue ceramic accent tile that emulates ripples of water
  • Large format mottled white porcelain tile that portrays a sense of white sands and the faux driftwood flooring that evokes a feeling of walking on a seaside boardwalk
  • Contrasting coastal blue walls that depict the elements of water and sky
  • The impressionistic patterned shower curtain that mimics flowing tidewaters
  • Crisp white ceiling soffits to reflect the sunlight captured through the skylight as well as the architectural accent lighting in the evenings
  • A gleaming white whirlpool tub & shower provide a place for rejuvenation

Bathroom After

bathroom after

Now if our clients can not make it to a beach, they can imagine themselves there once they step into their newly transformed bathroom!

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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