Is it Time for a Room Remodel or New House?

Summer will soon be winding down and the kids will be back in school. With the temperatures taking a gradual dive on the thermometer to tell us autumn is around the corner, this seasonal transition can lead many to think about their fall “to do” list.

Perhaps, one of the items on that list is focused on making some changes in your home, or, changing your home.

Maybe over the summer you realized your kitchen layout and storage isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe your bathroom plumbing fixtures and tile are so outdated you can’t stand being in that space any more! Or, maybe you have totally outgrown your current residence and it is time to either do a large addition or build a brand new home.

Either way, you’ve decided that now’s the time to address these issues and you need to take action.

But how do you get started?

Well, one of the first things you can do is go through a planning exercise for the project you intend to pursue (as Benjamin Franklin stated, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”) You’ll want to involve others, such as your spouse, partner, or other family members. And, you may want to check out a tool that we at Karen Lee Johnson Interiors offer that may make it easier for you to walk through this planning procedure.

How to Work Successfully with your Spouse/Partner on a Building or Remodeling Project Free Guide

Check out our FREE guide on “How to Work Successfully with Your Spouse/Partner On a Building or Remodeling Project.”

This publication will lead you through the “W” questions to ask in regard to creating your goals and parameters of your future remodeling or new build project. You will also find some tips on project preparation to help eliminate the stress and hassles of a home construction project.

If you would like to discuss your project or what you might like to do, why not schedule a complimentary fifteen minute Discovery Call with Karen and see what the possibilities could be. Now is the time to make progress with your home desires and tackle that dreaded “to do” list!

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How to Work Successfully with your Spouse/Partner on a Building or Remodeling Project Free Guide

Discover how to work successfully with your spouse/ partner on planning a building or remodeling project with our FREE guide!

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