Looking For In-Stock Home Furnishings? How About Going Vintage!

For those of you who are in the market for new home furnishings, no doubt you probably have experienced learning of the long lead times when ordering. Many factors have contributed to the backlog of attainable inventory, but if you are open to “going on the hunt”, vintage furnishings may be a route you can take to find those special pieces you need now.

Many interior designers like to use vintage or antique items in their designs for their clients to add a unique focal point or personal statement to the space.

Some clients may have family heirlooms passed down from previous generations that evoke a sentimental look and feel which speaks to cherished memories of family descendants, and they desire to have those items as visual reminders. Designers will work with clients on creating a custom interiors scheme that best incorporates their clients’ treasures along with newer pieces that lend a contrasting quality of freshness and newness.

Where are some of the places that vintage finds can be had, you ask, should you not have any in your collection? Thanks to the internet you can search many local and national websites that directly sell or lead you to proprietors or stores for these types of pieces.

A popular site for highly coveted antique furnishings, art, lighting, and other home decor is 1stdibs.com.

They feature listings from a worldwide network of trusted vetted sellers on their platform where shoppers can buy, bid, or negotiate purchases. Many are luxury quality from designers of the past, where highly skilled artisans created custom one-of-a-kind editions by hand with materials considered rare and unusual. 1st Dibs adds thousands of new items to their site each week, so plan some time for browsing when you check out their offerings.

Some items found on 1stdibs.com

Another site where vintage rules is chairish.com.

Not only can you peruse their global offerings, but you can also set your filters to search what is available in regional markets. Their platform connects more than 12,000 small businesses, practicing artists, and makers with design lovers from around the world in showcasing curated and edited pieces. Over 85% of their inventory is vintage, so the odds of finding something with a story behind it for that unique design flavor are pretty darn good.

Some items found on chairish.com

And, if you are the type where you need to inject your own creativity into an item, check out local thrift stores where unexpected finds are at bargain prices. With just a little replacing and repairing of parts, a whole new table, chair, or ottoman may emerge and become the timeless but updated treasure that creates your new design story.

Using vintage furniture not only offers the opportunity to personalize your space, but it also contributes to the world of sustainability through the action of “green shopping”. Re-using or repurposing furniture can be a great new way to overcome those current long waits on new productions. And, along with integrating family heirlooms where possible in your home design schemes, both strategies can add that special “conversation piece” to your interior spaces.

Karen Lee Johnson, interior designer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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