Luxury Home Trends for 2021

A recent “Zoominar” panel-style interview of design industry leaders including award-winning interior designer Timothy Corrigan, famed architect William Hefner, and billion-dollar luxury realtor Rochelle Atlas Maize of Nourmand & Associates located in Los Angeles, shared their insight on what home design trends they were observing in the luxury home market since the onset of the pandemic.

Here’s what they are seeing, the key rooms being:

Home Offices: Having more than one home office in the home due to dual adult workers-at-home and school-age children learning virtually.

Kitchens: Containing the creation of a back or “dirty” kitchen off the main kitchen to hide prep areas containing small appliances and serving equipment when entertaining, basically, a re-invention of the old butler pantry; the larger main appliances – ranges, cooktops, refrigerators – containing specialized technological abilities to cook and store food like that of a five-star restaurant; and much more expansive walk-in pantries, simulating the size of the kitchen it serves, that can accommodate the stocking of large amounts of food, beverages, and paper goods, again a result of being homebound during the pandemic.

Bathrooms: Incorporating all-inclusive hydrotherapy systems such as steam showers, water massage, and infrared saunas; bath bars with a wide assortment of bathing scrubs, salts, lotions to create individual nourishing treatments; a mini-wine fridge for the soaking tub cocktail; natural stone surfaces in large pattern formats to embody the organic artistry of nature; and sculptured toilets with bidet seats for hands’ free sanitation.

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The amenities for the high-end luxury home, those $10 million dollars or more, include having “specialized” rooms providing a “wellness aspect” such as:

  • Medi-spas or “surgical centers” so the homeowners can have those aesthetic services come to them.
  • Outdoor spaces that include the return of putting greens, tennis courts for not only tennis but pickleball, and vanishing edge swimming pools
  • Fun Indoor spaces, like bowling alleys, yoga, pilates, meditation, and artrooms are being requested for nourishing not only the body but the mind.
  • Multi-functional rooms referenced as “Zoom rooms” where the various types of electronic media can be enjoyed simultaneously with the proper acoustical support.
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And, the key element of the luxury home design trend is “custom everything”.

People are looking for new and innovative ways to hide larger TVs, such as behind art, mirrors, or hidden wall panels.

Wallpaper that is hand-printed or embroidered in a three-dimensional fashion is used to create the unique finish and texture that renders a personal, artistic signature on a space.

Furnishings carved out of large natural rock formations found on the homes’ property, or aged exotic woods pulled from oceanic waters, are utilizing the organic resources of nature in their purest forms.

Even though the panelists’ conversations were focused on highly affluent abodes, they summed up their discussion with a current semblance of “health is your wealth”, citing a concept that can clearly apply to all homeowners, now and in the future.

Do you have a desire for a home office, a kitchen or bath redo, a “specialized” room, or a “custom” furniture piece to enhance your home or your health? Let us know how we can help bring those ideas to life!

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